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programs of the strategic research institute

Strategic Research Institute:

The Strategic research Institute is an institute that focuses in strategic and geopolitical studies .It offers a BS degree program in Political Economy with specializations in Strategic research and Islamic studies. It also offers strategic research and analysis as well as providing trainings both on geopolitics, strategic issues both for private and government agencies.

Among its short term course offerings and workshops are as follows:
1. Language:
The following languages are being offered in coordination with their respective embassies; this is in line with the idea of the need to be abreast of these languages considering these are of strategic geopolitical importance in today’s world.
a. Six week crash course in Arabic
This course is conducted in coordination with the different Arab embassies; this is in line with the idea of the need to be abreast of the Arabic language considering it is one of the most strategic languages considering it is of geopolitical importance)
b. Persian Studies (in coordination with the Iranian Embassy) one of the major languages in the Middle East.
c. Bahasa (In coordination with the Indonesian and Malaysian Embassies)
2. geopolitical studies
a. geopolitical research:
3. Moro studies
a. Evolution and history of the Moro Revolutionary movements
b. Theory and development of Moro insurgency
4. Islamic studies and Terrorism:
a. Evolution of Terrorism
b. Political ideology and terrorism
c. Islamic Fundamentalism: roots and causes
d. Geopolitical significance of Islamic studies
e. Islamic History
f. Special courses/workshops on Islamic laws RE:
i. PD 1083 (code of Muslim personal laws
ii. Shari’ah based on the 5 legal schools of law
iii. Criminal laws on Islam
g. Islamic Pluralism
h. Islamology (Islamic Sociology)
i. Other crash courses as requested by NGOs GO’s and LGU’s.
5. Political economy:
a. Organizational management
b. Strategic planning and development
c. Political researches
d. Economic competition/warfare among states
e. Globalization and its effects
f. Historical development of Terrorism
6. Inter-religious /Intercultural Dialogue Workshops
a. For Government Military/civilian line agencies and LGU’s involved in ICD/IRD
b. For Non-Government organizations
c. Formulation of IRD/ICD among the different academic and policy making institutions
7. strategic research
a. feasibility studies
b. Research, analysis on current geopolitical trends.
c. Financial analysis and management
d. Economic survey, analysis and surveillance

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