Wednesday, August 02, 2006

an analysis of the recent events in the middle east

looking at the events of the day:

an anlysis by the SRI staff

looking into the context of things it appears that a proxy war is oft in the making. with the israeli military might pounding on hapless civilians. it is quite surprising that the world waits and simply sits and watches as hapless and helpless civilians are mercilessly slaughtered. It is surprising more that the united states, the so-called harrbinger and protector or helpless people is silent.
what i see is that there is a flich on this. The israelis are fighting a proxy war for the Americans and its is actually aimed clearly at Iran. but on the other hand since Iran is a big country and the CIA is unable to attack it from within, it must use an alternate proxy front to be able to attack it from both the diplomatic, commercial and military side.
It is said that the iran is supporting the Hizbollah, an islamic group that is well-entrenched in lebanon and also is calling for the establishment of the Palestinian state and reclaiming of the usurped rifghts of the palestinian people. it also is constantly assisting the palestinians and is said to have forward bases in lebanon, or so the Israelis claim.
it is tantamount to terrorism, or so say the west. But I am at a loss at this statement. as isnt the Israeli aggression and usurpation of lands that originally owned by the Palestinians not an act of terrorism. normally, when western freedom fighters initiate acts of desperation it is not termed terrorism but either seccessionists, insurgents or rebels. But is Muslims arise and fight it is termed as radicalism and fundamentalism.
the west needs to study its standards that it has set for political terms as the majority of the world although is held under its sway is merely waiting also for the right moment to collapse.
this is a fear that many analysts have failed to see. even as the USSR, the large behemoth of socialism has crumpled, none had the vision to see that all this would happen.
there is a proxy war brewing, but there is also a civilization thats slowly bound to collapse. Samuel Huntington has perhaps failed to see this. but it is bound to happen.

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