Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hero, Statesman... or National Traitor?

The traitor of the Filipino People

The following blogpost is the result of a conversation with a close friend of mine.Opinions expressed here are not purely of the author's, but is a result of the inputs given by his friend.....

I met and had a conversation with a friend recently, he was talking about Nationalism and the love of country. He struck a chord with a new argument that I have heard from him recently; A great statesman that we all honor in historybooks was the greatest traitor ever to our country and other than the popular fact that he was killed on the way home to his country,he also left a legacy that our country suffers to this very day.

Let me refresh your memory to a few decades ago.... after the verge of the Korean and vietnam war, the Philippines was the second most powerful country in Southeast Asia, and we were on the verge of reclaiming of Sabah. And several presidencies attest to this, among them, during Carlos P. Garcia and subsequently up to the period of President Diosdado Macapaegal's era . However, when the British crown gave independence to Malaysia, it didnt return Sabah to the Philippines and gave it to Malaysia. And since to people in the south, political boundaries didnt matter, life went on across the divide that was Malaysia and Philippines. When President Diosdado macapagal wasnt able to continue his plan of regaining Sabah.... an ambitious newly elected president... took up the plans and gradually assembled the preparations for the regaining of Sabah. Being then still one of the most powerful countries in the region (also earning the military stockpiles of the US as well as hosting the largest military bases outside US territories, Marcos was very hopefull that he would be successful against then a new state.

However, with the mishandling of the operation codenamed “Merdeka”, the ill-fated Jabidah massacre fell into the hands of an angry Cavite Governor and an ambitious senator, Benigno Aquino Jr. who failed to see the long-term diplomatic consequences of such an expose. Aquino then anxious to use anything in his hands to ruin Marcos used it to create a major international embarrassment for the country and later becoming the source of the country's misery until today.

The Malaysians knowing that they were then unable to face the might of the Philippine Armed forces... used their special branch (which were proteges of the famed MI5 and MI6 of the British crown), scouted a favourable Moro revolutionary in the university of the Philippines, funded him and a whole cadre of Moro revolutionaries and thus started the decades long Mindanao insurrection. What was ironic is that recently the GRP made Malaysia the main broker of the talks whose impartiality may be doubted due to the Sabah issue.

Thus.... my friend argues that should we sum up the result of Ninoy Aquino's action on the Jabidah Massacre... we would surmiss he was not acting according to national interests but his salivation for the presidency.

I may or may not wholly agree with his arguments but perhaps you may have some ideas to share... please feel free to write about them too.

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